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Join me on 1:1 or group


Take you baking and decorating skills to a next level

I offer private courses for individuals and groups. On a date to accommodate you. Tailor-made courses are available.


-You can choose a date to accommodate you.

-It is an intensive private course that can be tailored to your needs.

-The course will be based on your skill levels and the skills you would like to achieve.

-This unique servicing is suited to those who wants to learn in a more relaxed sitting. 1 to 3 days package available.

-Single Workshop starts from €250 all materials are inclusive.



-How To make A Perfect Sponge Cake(S) Workshop 4.5 hrs €168

-How To Make A Naked Cake Workshop 3.5 hrs €148

-3-toned Buttercream Frosting Cake Workshop 3 hrs €108

-Introduction Of Buttercream Flower Pipping Workshop 2 hrs €58

-Basic Buttercream Flower Pipping Workshop 3 hrs €78

-Advanced Buttercream Flower Workshop 4.5 hrs €108

-Flower Wreath Intermediate Workshop 5 hrs €128

-Macaron Workshop 4 hrs €118

-Basic Fondant Cake Decorating Workshop 3 hrs €98

-Basic Fondant Modelling Workshop 3 hrs €68

-Introduction of Royal Icing Workshop 2.5 hrs€48

-Royal Icing Cookie Decoration Basic Workshop 3 hrs €58

-Royal Icing Cookie Advanced Workshop 4 hrs €78

-Wedding Cake Decoration with Sugar Flower Workshop 3.5 hrs €88

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